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Buying Coins - Currency


We are strong buyers of U.S. Coins and Paper Money.

Especially wanted are Silver Dollars dated 1935 and earlier, Silver coins from 1916 and earlier, and Gold Coins minted before 1934. 

We buy Foreign collectable and Bullion Gold Coins and Silver Crowns.

United States Currency, especially large size 1928 and earlier, Gold Certificates, National Bank Notes, Confederate and Obsolete Currency and local Virginia Notes


Also buying modern U.S. Commemoratives, Proof Sets,

Silver Eagles, Bullion Gold and Silver Coins and most other coins of value.


I believe my offer will be quite attractive as my goal is to get you the most money for your valuables.  This is accomplished through my extensive nationwide network of U.S. and Foreign collectors and dealers and our desire to maximize your returns.

Larry Engle


We are most interested in your coin, paper money, stamp, or other collectable accumulations, inheritances or collections. Contact us and we will reply promptly.  Please include your email and phone number.

 Pre - 1964 Silver Coins:  Paying $10.00 - $13.00 per dollar

Half Silver Dollars 1965 – 1969:  Paying $2.00 & up

Silver Dollars  VG or better 1935 & earlier:  Paying $15.00 - $30.00 & More

Silver Eagles  Uncirculated price of Silver + $1.00 by the roll even more

American Gold eagles all sizes paying over the price of gold evveryday!

Especially wanted Original Uncirculated Silver Dollar Rolls  Pre 1921 $700 and up

Pre 1935 paying $500 and up

Prices basis Silver $16.00     07/ 07/ 2017